Carroll High School Hockey Club


This document, and any referenced document, is the complete bylaws governing the organization known as the Carroll High School Hockey Club. Membership in this club is limited to the current team roster and their parents/guardians. In addition to these bylaws, the club also follows all rules as set forth by FWAHSHL (Fort Wayne Area High School Hockey League), the ISHSHA (Indiana State High School Hockey Association) and USA Hockey. 


This program will provide players an opportunity to develop their hockey talent, physical, and social skills. The primary objectives are as follows 


  1. Ice hockey is a team sport! The play, training, coaching, and education should be emphasized as such. 
  1. Individual player records should be de-emphasized, while true emphasis should be put on individual hard play, true sportsmanship, individual intensity, and player development. 
  1. The development of the individual participant as both a team player and a person are the twin goals of this program. Our job is to educate! 


  1. The development of both physical and mental skills in regard to ice hockey should be pursued throughout the season through game situations, on ice practice, educational sessions, or dry land training. 
  1. Sportsmanship and fair play are to be emphasized at all times. 


  1. High School hockey requires a certain level of intensity not required in other non-competitive environments. This level of play should encourage youth to exhibit self-control over the intensity required to meet their ever growing potential.


  1. High School hockey does not guarantee “equal ice” for all players.
  2. Carroll Hockey will abide by the Indiana State High School Hockey Association as it pertains to the State Tournament.
  3. Any player that did not pay the previous year’s team costs cannot play with the Carroll Hockey Team until the player’s account is paid in full or the previous team releases the player from the obligation. 



  1. The team parents, at the Annual Organization Meeting, shall select the Head Coach.  All coaches must be certified by USA Hockey regulations for High School level, or achieve this level through the current hockey season. 
  1. The Head Coach candidates shall submit for approval their picks for assistant coaches to the team parents.  The Head Coach will have the freedom to pick his own Assistant Coaching Team. 
  1. The voting procedure for the Head Coach requires a 2/3-majority vote from the voting quorum. 
  1. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches may serve in a coaching capacity for the Carroll High School Hockey Club regardless of where their children attend school. 
  1. The coaching staff shall promote the earlier stated objectives and purposes of Carroll Hockey as well as the purpose of the FWAHSHA constitution. 
  1. The Head Coach will be expected to remain in control of both their staff and team members in the playing area. If necessary, appropriate disciplinary action of team members will be at the Coach’s discretion.  The Carroll High School Hockey Club Board will handle serious infractions. 
  1. The Head Coach may be monetarily compensated if approved by a 2/3-majority vote from the voting quorum. 
    1. Head Coaches shall be at least 21 years of age.
  1. Assistant coaches will be at least nineteen (19) years old and must have the appropriate coaching certification or attain it during the year. 
  1.  The Head Coach and Assistant Coaches will be evaluated at the end of the playing season.  This will be done by a written format by both the players and the parents.  The Team Manager will present the evaluations to the Head Coach, who will present the Assistant Coaches their evaluations. This will be done before the Annual Organization Meeting and the voting procedure for the next seasons Head Coach. 

B: Head Coach Responsibilities 

  1. The Head Coach is responsible for all on ice actions of the team. This includes both practices and games. They are also responsible for the actions of the players while they are at the ice rink before and after games/practices. 
  1. The Head Coach is responsible for ensuring the code of conduct is followed and that any disciplinary action indicated by the code of conduct or CHSHCB (Carroll High School Hockey Club Board) is taken. This is regardless of the status of the player incurring such action. 

C: Replacing the Head Coach 

  1. If for whatever reason the Head Coach resigns during the season, the Team Manager will call an immediate meeting of the parents to appoint a committee of three to solicit nominations for the new Head Coach. The committee will interview all persons nominated and recommend up to three to the entire club. A vote will then be taken, following the same procedure as in the Annual Organizational Meeting. 

D: Recall of a Head Coach 

The procedure for recalling a Head Coach is as follows: 

    1. Any club member can request that the team Manager call a meeting with the purpose of replacing a Head Coach. The Team Manager must honor this request and as quickly as possible arrange a meeting where a quorum of all players’ parents can attend. Every attempt must be mad to notify all parents.
  1. The person(s) requesting the meeting must present their reason(s) for replacing the Head Coach.  After the presentation, ample time will be allowed for discussion. 
  1. To hold a recall vote, a quorum must be present.  A two-thirds majority of those present is required to recall the Head Coach. 

E: Absence of Coaching Staff 

In the absence of a coaching staff, the Team Manager will follow the same procedure as in C: Replacing the Head Coach. 


  1. The eligibility of team members shall be certified by the Team Manager in accordance with the rules hereby adopted by the ISHSHA and USA Hockey. 
  1. Carroll Hockey will follow the eligibility requirements of the ISHSHA. 
  1. Each player must be a bona fide student in a good standing, attending a fully accredited school, in grades 9 through 12.  The player must be attending school on a regular basis. 
  1. Each player must not have reached his/her nineteenth (19th) birthday before September 1st preceding the current school year. 
  1. Each player must have received passing grades at the end of his/her last nine-week grading period in school in at least five (5) full credit subjects or the equivalent.  If a student receives different grades for an interim grading period than he/she receives for an entire semester, the semester grades take precedence in determining eligibility.  It will be the Team Manager’s responsibility to obtain player academic eligibility by either sending a letter to the Athletic Director or proper representative of the school(s) their players attend requesting their eligibility status or requesting the information from the players via a copy of the grade card or the High School Hockey Academic Eligibility Form certified by their school representative. 
  1. Proof of eligibility must be provided to the Team Manager no later than seven calendar days after the player’s school published grade card distribution date.  The players must provide a copy of their school’s scheduled grade card distribution to the Team Manager before the start of the season. A player will not be permitted to play in a game if proof of academic eligibility is not provided to the Team Manager by the above guidelines. An ineligible player can still practice with the team (as permitted by the IHSAA). 
  1. Academic eligibility information and grade card distribution dates will be provided to the High School Director.  The Team Manager must provide the academic information to the High School Director by the first scheduled game following the seven-calendar day guideline. 
  1. Players who are ineligible scholastically at the beginning of the season or the end of a grading period or semester are ineligible for the following grading period. 
  1. Player must not have been enrolled in High School more than eight (8) semesters beginning with grade 9, nor have represented a team in the sport of ice hockey for more than four (4) years. Any player must provide proper documents pertaining to scholastic and other information requested for ruling on eligibility status. 
  1. Falsification of grades will cause the player to be immediately suspended and to appear before the CHSHCB (Carroll High School Hockey Club Board), which shall take place within thirty days after infraction. 
  1. Players in Association-sponsored contests must be amateurs and are to abide by N.C.A.A., state, and local rules defining amateurism. 
  1. FWAHSHA Board of Directors will decide on a player’s academic eligibility when/if clarification of the I.H.S.A.A. rules is required. 


Carroll Hockey shall follow the USA Hockey constitution, bylaws, rules, and regulations, in regard to equipment and playing rules. All teams shall have a full set of home and away jerseys. All equipment will be H.E.C.C. approved. 


  1. Carroll Hockey shall be self-supporting. 
  1. Each season, the Treasurer shall determine team fees and create a working budget. The High School Director can request a copy of the budget at any time. 
  1. A schedule of payment for fees shall be submitted in writing to all participants. The schedule of payment due dates and a budget report will be ready for parents at the time of Carroll Hockey team tryouts. The Treasurer will determine payment due dates and the number of payments with the knowledge that all monies must be received by January 31st of that playing season. Payment of fees will be made to the Treasurer by the specified payment dates. Team Managers must notify the High School Director when payments are delinquent. 
  1. FWAHSHA and/or the CHSHCB have the authority to suspend any player when fees are delinquent. If a player’s fees are delinquent, player will be benched until account is brought to date. The Team Manager will send a certified letter to the parents for the CHSHCB one week before player is benched. The letter will notify the parents of the impending action and also request parents to inform the player of the situation. 
  1. Coaching staff will support decisions made by the CHSHCB including off ice circumstances. 
  1. If financial difficulties arise for a family during the playing season, the family can request a meeting with the CHSHCB. The Board can determine a workable payment schedule or explore other reasonable options to assist the family through that time. 
  1. Regarding the matter of financial liabilities when incidents occur outside the realm of one’s control: for example, a player is injured during the playing season and will not be able to play hockey for an extended period of time, there may be a fee reduction. Fun raising money will not be reimbursed, but will be applied to the balance. Fee reduction is subject to the CHSHCB. Note***Players benched due to poor grades does not apply. 


Carroll Hockey may conduct fund raising activities. The extent that any player wants to be involved in any fund raising activities will be up to that player and his family. Generally, fund raising will be divided into two categories: 

  1. Individual fund raising – (Candy bars, cookie dough, ad book, etc) 

All money raised after paying for product and expenses will be credited to that player’s individual account. 

  1. Team Fund Raising – (Garage Sale, Car Wash, etc) 

All money raised in this category shall be divided equally among the players that participate in the fund raising event. If a player chooses not to participate, then that player’s account will not et a share of the money raised. 

If a player raises more money than his entire bill, there are several options: 

  1. 1)If the player is not a senior, the extra funds may be held towards that player’s next season’s account (if the player returns) or divided equally among all returning current year team players. The decision is up to the player’s parents in regards to distribution of credits the following year. 
  1. 2)If the player is a senior and there is no younger sibling, the extra funds will be divided equally among all current year players for the current playing season. 
  1. 3)If the player is a senior and there is a younger sibling, the extra funds may be held for one year and used toward the younger sibling’s bill. If the younger sibling does not play hockey or does not make the team, the extra funds will be divided equally among the returning current year’s players. If the senior player has a sibling currently on the team, the extra funds may be applied to that sibling’s account for the present season. 


  1. A donation by any sponsor does not give the sponsor a voice in operations of any or all activities of the team. 
  1. During the first team meeting of the new playing season and team selection is complete, sponsorship ratio will be determined by majority team vote. 


  1. Grievances shall be submitted in writing to the Team Manager who will discuss the grievance with the CHSHCB. A written reply shall be made within 30 years of receipt of the grievance. 
  1. Grievances not responded by the CHSHCB, High School Director, or High School Committee should be put in writing and submitted to the FWAHSHA High School Director no later than one week prior to the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting. A review will be made in a timely manner and communicated by the High School Director. 
  1. When a grievance issue is being voted on, the person(s) submitting the grievance and the person(s) who is/are the object(s) of the grievance cannot vote- this included coaches and Board members. 


It is expected that Carroll hockey players, coaches, and parents hold themselves to a high standard of conduct. The team coaches, players, and parents represent FWAHSHA and the community. The CHSHCB serve in the capacity of Carroll hockey’s disciplinary Committee. Any parent of coach can submit an incident to the CHSHCB for review. The CHSHCB may impose disciplinary action upon a player or coach. If a player or coach is ejected from a league game per USA Hockey Rule 4049(c) and note 1, at least fifty percent of that persons accumulated game misconducts will be served by setting out league games (fractions rounded up to the next full numbers). 


The Carroll Hockey Dress Code is up to the Head Coach and players. Parents must approve it. 


Carroll hockey will follow the rules for player selection as set out by the Fort Wayne Area High School Hockey Association. In addition, once the season begins and the first game is player, player can only be added to the roster by a majority vote of a quorum of all the Club’s parents. The Team Manager will make sure new players receive a copy of the CHSHC Bylaws. Fees will be prorated.  


For all votes referred to in this document or any referenced document, each player’s parent/guardians have one vote. For example, if parents/guardians have two players on the team, they will have two votes. 

  1. Voting by proxy is acceptable.  The vote must be submitted in writing to the Team Manager prior to the meeting where the vote will take place.
  2. 51% wins the vote with the exception of specific issues addressed in other Articles of the Bylaws.
  3. Player accounts must be current for parents to vote.
  4. When voting for Head Coach, we will vote by ballot. Candidates for the Head Coaching position will leave the room during the voting process.  The Team Manager and another Board member will tally votes during the meeting n the presence of the voting quorum.
  5. The coaching staff will be allowed one vote, with the obvious exception of voting for Head Coach. Coaches cannot exercise a voting privilege if they are applicants for a coaching position. 

Article XIII: Organization of the Carroll High School Hockey Club 

  1. A Board of Directors elected from the parents of the players will lead the Carroll Hockey Club. This board will be referred to as the Carroll High School Hockey Club Board (CHSHCB).  The board shall consist of the Team Manager, Treasurer, the Head Coach, the Scheduler, the Fund Raising Organizer and the High School Representatives (2). The Board is subject to follow the guidelines as set forth in the Carroll High School Hockey Club Bylaws.
  2. The Head Coach will be a member of the Carroll High School Hockey Club Board, but will be excluded from the High School Board Association.
  3. The Carroll High School Hockey Club Board will meet every other month from August through the Annual Organization Meeting or as needed to fulfill its duties to the Carroll Hockey team.
  4. A higher standard is required in regards to the voting procedure when changing or adding to the Bylaws- 2/3 votes instead of 51%
  5. The CHSHCB will serve as the Disciplinary Committee, arbitrating situations and discerning appropriate disciplinary consequences should any member of the Carroll Hockey club have difficulty resolving disputes or correcting unacceptable behavior in a constructive fashion. If a Board member is involved as submitting a grievance or as the object of a grievance, that person will not be a part of Board discussion or voting.
  6. The CHSHCB will develop a Coaching Evaluation Format for players and parents to complete at the Annual Organization Meeting.  The Purpose of this evaluation is positive and will give the players and parents opportunity to emphasize strengths and express ideas.  The Head Coach will receive these evaluations and share them with his coaching staff.
  7. The CHSHCB will fulfill all duties that are specifically assigned to them and addressed in other Articles of the Bylaws. 

Article XV: Selection, Definition, and Responsibilities of Members of the CHSHCB 

A: Selection of Board Members Except Head Coach 

Any team parent interested in a Board position (Team Manager, Treasurer, High School Representative (two positions), Scheduler or Fund Raising Organizer) shall submit his/her name at the Annual Organization Meeting.  The team parents will then hold a vote, as outlined in the Organization Meeting section, to elect the Board members for the following season. 

A: Team Manager 

The Team Manager will make sure the functions of the Hockey Club are running smoothly.  The Team Manager has his/her eye on “the bigger picture” and helps coordinate the functions of the Board positions as well as delegating the various smaller tasks required for a high functioning Hockey Club.  The Team Manager helps connect the Carroll Hockey Club to the broader High School Hockey Club Associations.  Specific duties are as follows: 

  1. 1.Chair Club meetings.
    1. 2.Secure all FWAHSHA and USA Hockey player forms, birth certificates and parental agreement forms and carry them to all Carroll High School Hockey functions.
    2. 3.Making sure all needed equipment is purchased such as jerseys, socks, nametags, pins, etc… assign people to water bottles, banner, stats, etc…
    3. 4.Assign an Accommodations person who will arrange hotel accommodations, secure maps for traveling out of town and provide maps for visiting teams.
    4. 5.Making sure Coaching Evaluation Forms are distributed to players to complete at the end of theThese forms should be distributed at a time when they can be collected easily.
    5. 6.Attend a majority of the Ft. Wayne High School Board Meetings.
    6. 7.Making sure the responsibilities of other members holding positions are being completed and stepping up as needed if someone cannot followThe Team Manager can ask for help from any appropriate meber of the Carroll High School Hockey Club.  The Team Manager is not expected to “do it all”.
    7. 8.Fulfill duties ascribed to the Team Manager position under other Articles in the Bylaws.
    8. 9.The Team Manager cannot serve as both Team Manager and Assistant Coach. 

B: Treasurer 

The Treasurer will manage the team’s budget and collect payments. The Treasurer will keep accurate records and submit all financial records to the High School Director at the end of the playing season.

  1. 1.A schedule of payment and current playing season budget will be made available to parents at the time of Carroll hockey tryouts.
  2. 2.The Treasurer is responsible for determining due dates, number of payment due dates and collection of all fees by January 31st of the current playing season.
  3. 3.A monthly budget report will be turned into the Team Manager and distributed to parents.
  4. 4.The Treasurer will keep the Team Manager informed of delinquent fees and all issues pertaining to the financial aspect of the Club.
  5. 5.An end of the year financial statement will be submitted at the Annual Organization Meeting.
  6. 6.The Treasurer will pay bills.
  7. 7.The Treasurer will complete duties as specified in Articles of the Bylaws. 

C: Scheduler 

  1. 1.Schedule practices, games, and tournaments for theAll games are to be with other USA Hockey sanctioned teams only.
  2. 2.Secure minor and major officials for all the home crossover games (i.e. referee, score keeper, time keeper, announcer and penalty box officials).
  3. 3.Fulfill obligations as designated in Articles of Bylaws. 

D: Fund Raising Organizer 

This position oversees all aspects of fund raising for Carroll Hockey Club: 

  1. 1.Scheduling of fund raising events.
  2. 2.Obtaining items for fund raising.
  3. 3.Keeping accurate records of players involved, money received and which player accounts should beMaking sure the Treasurer, Team Manager and parents are informed and receive copies of these reports.
  4. 4.Fulfilling duties as defined under Articles of Bylaws. 

E: High School Representatives 

Each team belonging to the Ft. Wayne area High School Hockey association has the right to appoint two people to the Board of Directors.  Anyone can attend these meetings, but only two designated people from each Hockey Club can have voting rights. 

  1. 1.The Head Coach is ineligible to be a Team Rep.
  2. 2.Team Reps will attend all High School Board Meetings or arrange replacements from theIf a Rep cannot make a meeting, the Team Manager must be notified.  It is important to make sure our team interest is well represented.
  3. 3.The Team Representatives will make parents aware of upcoming High School Board Meetings as well as the scheduledThe Reps will solicit input and thoughts/concerns from Club members prior to these meetings.
  4. 4.The Reps will take notes during the High School Board Meetings and give Club members a brief report (usually via e-mail) on the events, issues and changes involving Ft. Wayne High School Hockey.
  5. 5.The Carroll High School Representatives will represent Carroll High School players, coaches, parents in all league issues (i.e. league suspension, grievances or concerns).
  6. 6.Reps shall cast all votes in the best interest of Carroll High school Hockey.
  7. 7.Reps will satisfy all other positions descriptions as put forth in Articles of Carroll Bylaws. 

Article XVI: Annual Organization Meeting 

Each year the club will hold an organizational meeting for the following season.  This meeting should be held after the season in over but before the end of the school year.  The current Team Manager is responsible for organizing this meeting.  Any returning player’s parents/guardians are eligible to attend and vote at this meeting. 

            The standing agenda for this meeting includes: 

  1. 1.Submission of the final Treasurer’s report.
  2. 2.Vote on keeping the existing Board members.
  3. 3.Vote on keeping the existing Head Coach.
  4. 4.Election of any new Board members.
  5. 5.Set date for Head Coach applications (if needed).
  6. 6.Set date to listen to presentations of Head Coach Applicants and vote for new Head Coach (if needed).
  7. 7.Distribute Coaching Evaluations forms to parents; complete them; collect them; give them to the Head Coach. 

Any parent in attendance can submit his/her name for consideration for any of the Board positions. 

If the club decides to elect a new Team Manager, the election is held during this meeting and the new Team Manager immediately assumes the Team Manager’s role. 

If the club decides to appoint a new Head Coach, the procedure is as follows: 

  1. Team Manager informs the current head Coach in writing of the decision of the Club.
  2. Team Manager appoints a committee of three to solicit nominations/applications for Head Coach position.  (Previous Head Coach can re-apply).
  3. The committee will review all applicants and submit up to three to the Club for review.
  4. Team Manager arranges for presentation to the parents the selections to the committee.  Applicants should be at the meeting and be prepared to explain his/her coaching philosophy, record of accomplishment, and answer parent’s questions.
  5. After all applicants have had a chance to present themselves, the parents will be allowed ample time for discussion.  Once the discussion is closed, a vote will be taken.  If a majority is not achieved, the applicants with the lowest votes will be dropped from the ballot and a new vote taken.  This procedure will repeat itself until one applicant receives a majority vote.
  6. The Team Manager is responsible to notify, in writing, the results to all applicants.