About Us


Leo High School Hockey Association (LHSHA) is an independent Association registered with USA Hockey and a proud member of FWHSHA abiding to the by-laws of the League and Indiana State High School Hockey and LHSHA by-laws. Many of our players come from Leo High School and the balance come out of the open draft bringing players in from other area high schools. Doug Bonecutter is our Head Coach.

The membership of our team is made up of all the Parents of the players of the team. From this membership Board members are elected. The President automatically becomes a FWHSHA Board member representing our team on the Board. All games and practices are held at SportOne/Parkview Icehouse. We practice twice a week with games on Wednesday and crossover games on weekends.

Our program will provide players an opportunity to develop their hockey talent, physical, and social skills as well as a strong focus on academics.Leo High School Hockey Association is a non-profit organization operating a high school program for the benefit of people in the area high school system. Our home school designation is Leo High School where most of our players are from and we are proud of our student body who come out to support us every Wednesday night for League Play.

For information contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - President.