Regulations & Procedures - ARTICLE II: COACHES

A. Coaches must be approved by the bylaws of their respective Team as well as meeting and adhering to the League bylaws under 2.24.

B. Any Coach brought before the Discipline Committee for inappropriate conduct or not abiding by the coaching code of ethics as determined by USA hockey is subject to be suspended by Discipline Committee from coaching in any League games. The coach will need to be reapproved the following season by the Board to continue to coach in the League.

C. Any Member Coach found tampering with any other Member Team Player(s) or new Draft Player(s) are subject to suspension by the Discipline Committee. Tampering includes but in not limited to: encouraging players to not attend their member team tryouts; encouraging players to display a poor showing ("sandbagging") in the draft tryouts in order to be passed over by another Member Team; or encouraging players to not show up for any tryouts and then petitioning the board to play for their team. Note: It is not the intent of the rule to create a "tattle tale" environment. Petty complaints will not be considered. It is the intent to deal with serious offenses that can be supported with facts and witnesses.

D. Coaches will support the Pre-Post Program and will encourage their selected players to play for the Pre-Post Team in all Pre-Post activities.

E. Coaches must provide proof that they have are compliant with the current background check requirements with USA Hockey.