Regulations & Procedures - Pre-Post Policy & Procedures


The mission of the Ft. Wayne High School Hockey Association (FWHSHA) Pre-Post Program is to organize and promote youth hockey players who are members of FWHSHA League high school teams under FWHSHA rules. Our goal is to encourage the development of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and individual achievement in hockey.

The Pre-Post Program hockey program is established for high school hockey players to compete at the All Star level following a philosophy that stresses a high competitive level of hockey and sportsmanship.

All players and coaches on FWHSHA Member Teams, parents and legal guardians of those players, and any persons actively assisting in the program shall be deemed to be members of FWHSHA.

Players and family members of FWHSHA officials including board members, commissioner, and coaches shall not receive any preferential treatment in any aspect of Pre-Post Program activities. This includes, but is not limited to, team tryouts, playing time in games, selection for coaching or officiating, etc.

• To experience personal enjoyment, satisfaction, and confidence from both personal and team achievements.
• To learn, develop, and refine the fundamental skills of hockey.
• To blend individuals and their skills into successful team play.
• To demonstrate good sportsmanship in victory and defeat.
• To encourage good effort, team spirit, and responsible behavior.


1. The Commissioner supervises tryouts for all Pre-Post Program teams. The Commissioner will administer all Pre-Post tryouts in conjunction with the President and Vice President. Any exceptions to the Policies and Procedures during the tryout process, including injuries and interpretation of the tryout procedure, will be subject to the approval of the FWHSHA Executive
Committee. Tryout results will be posted as soon as possible in the Arena Center and on the FWHSHA website. It is the players’ and parents’ responsibility to check the postings and be aware of the schedules.
2. A team tryout fee will be charged per player at the time of registration, this will cover ice time and incidentals.
3. During the tryout process, it is essential that there be no unnecessary contact or communication between parents and the players, Commissioner and coaches. Any necessary communication (such as illness, injury or equipment problems) should be initiated by the player or routed through the Commissioner or Vice President. Any attempt at "lobbying" will be reported by the Commissioner to the full board for appropriate action.
4. All players shall wear an Approved HELMET and a PLAIN (WHITE, RED
5. High School Varsity or Junior Varsity players from the immediately preceding season will register indicating whose roster they were on the prior season.
6. Players who were not high school players during the immediately preceding season must register indicating their home school or if they are a Draft player.
7. Selection of the Pre-Post Team. The top 20 skaters (unless less than 20 or more than 20 as approved by the Executive Committee) and the top 2 goalies based on tryout evaluations will skate in up to three practice sessions or scrimmages under the direction of the Pre-Post Team Coaches. Players may be released following any session or scrimmage. Following the final practice session, the Coaches will meet with the Commissioner, Vice President, President and any available members of the executive committee who do not have children trying out for a position on a Pre-Post team to select 20 skaters and 2 goalies (or as adjusted by the Executive Committee).
8. Selection of the Pre-Post teams shall follow these procedures:
Upon the conclusion of the Coach’s selections the Commissioner will present the Pre-Post team rosters to the FHSHA President immediately after the final determinations. The final selections shall be posted and the players selected, and their parents (or guardian) shall sign a commitment agreement and complete all Information required by FWHSHA and USA Hockey.

An injury/illness is a very unique and difficult situation during the tryout process and will be handled as follows:
a. If a player is injured or is ill before tryouts, the player will be placed in a pool to be determined by the Executive Committee. This will be based upon a mandatory note from a physician, an internal interview of prior coaches and past FHSHA history.
b. An injury/illness occurring during or before the tryout process will be treated as an incomplete tryout and thus would require coaches to place this player in the pool as an additional skater to the roster. This assures the player accorded the level of play recognition they deserve.

A. The committee will be comprised of the Executive committee. The President will chair the committee.
B. The committee has the authority to interview coaches from within or outside Ft. Wayne to find the best possible staff and to fulfill the needs of the program.
C. Proof of current C.A.P. applicable level of certification or promise to complete the certification process will be required before the candidate will be considered for a coaching position. Coaches who do not obtain the required level of certification will not be rostered and will be prohibited from any on ice team participation or any position on the bench during games. (USA Hockey or FWHSHA insurance programs do not cover persons not rostered on a team).
D. The committee shall bring its recommendations for Board of Directors. A majority vote of the Board is required to approve coaches and assistants.
Coaches will promote team spirit and set a good example of sportsmanship and good conduct both on and off the bench. All coaches must have clear knowledge and understanding of the

FWHSHA Policies & Procedures and District 6 rules.
A. The Head Coach is responsible for operation of the team. His main objective is to teach and develop hockey skills consistent with the goals and objectives of the FWHSHA.
C. In accordance with FWHSHA bylaws, only Coaches whose names appear on the team roster may be in the players’ box during games and ALL MUST complete all USA HOCKEY requirements and registrations.
D. The Head Coach will select the with approval of the Coaching Committee the selection of assistant(s).
  1. Person(s) selected MUST have current Certification Cards on file with USA Hockey.
  2. Person(s) selected should have similar hockey philosophies, thereby creating
a good working relationship beneficial to the players.
E. Each Pre-Post Team will select a Manager and other personnel they feel are needed and shall designate their duties.
F. . The Head Coach is expected to be available to discuss any problems with the players and/or parents, keeping in mind that his prime responsibility is to the whole team and not to any one individual.
G. The Head Coach will keep practices and games in good proportion and in accordance with
FWHSHA bylaws and must strive for at least one practice every week, using ice whenever possible.
H. Coaches will meet with parents shortly after the teams are selected to discuss their goals, philosophy and disciplinary principles, to review any additional team expenses, and to discuss ways in which parents can assist the team.
I. Coaches will instruct team captains to shake hands with referees and opposing coaches before and after games.
J. Coaches will instruct players on proper conduct during the national anthem. (Stand at
attention with helmet under the left arm and stick on the ice in the right hand.)
K. The team parents will pay any reasonable trip expenses of head and assistant coaches including room, board and transportation. Expenses will be reimbursed for room rate plus tax, actual gasoline expense, and $40.00 per day for meals. Reimbursement for additional expenses is optional and will be up to each respective team.
L. Failure to adhere to and enforce FWHSHA rules and procedures will subject the Coaches to disciplinary action in accordance with the disciplinary proceeduces as provided in the FWHSHA bylaws
M. Coaches shall not be restricted from coaching teams outside of FWHSHA.

The manager must be knowledgeable of the rules and guidelines put forth in the Policies & Procedures and are responsible for all functions listed herein either by delegation or by carrying
out these functions personally. Head coaches always have the prerogative of handling some of these functions themselves.
A. Ice Schedule. The Manager is responsible for scheduling ice times for the team and will repost such times to the Commissioner. Should they need assistance in doing so they may turn to the Commissioner for help.
B. Team Finances. Manager will collect an agreed upon amount from the parents to cover such expenses such as additional ice time, games, and tournaments as well as non-parent coaches' expenses for out-of-town tournaments and end-of-the-season trophies or plaques (optional). All additional expenditures must have the consent of the parents.
D. Team Statistics. Manager will be responsible for providing game performance statistics per the coach’s needs.
E. The Manager may be responsible (as directed by the head coach) for procuring entry into additional tournaments.
F. Travel Arrangements. Manager, arrange team lodging and advise parents of their responsibility for securing their family’s reservations, and provide directions to arenas.
H. Eligibility Records. Manager shall be prepared provide officials with copies of each player's birth certificate, insurance certificates and other pertinent data at each league game or tournament.
I. Games. At the coach’s direction, the manager shall assist in scheduling games and to arrange for referees.
J. Injuries. The team manager must have signed Consent to treat forms for each player in their possession and is responsible for the filing of appropriate forms.
K. Schedules. The team manager shall supply monthly schedules of all games, practices and team activities at least one week before the first scheduled activity of the month. The manager will assure that revisions get communicated to all parents in a timely fashion.

Players have an obligation to their teams and to the association to contribute to a positive experience for everyone by being exemplary team members.
A. The members of the FWHSHA (which, as defined earlier, includes all players, coaches, parents and volunteers) expect the following from all players:
  1. To take pride in their team and contribute to the team’s unity.
  2. To adhere strictly to the coach’s rules and be supportive of coach’s practice plans, game plans and other decisions.
  3. To participate in all games and practices unless there is a compelling reason for missing.
  4. To notify the coach or manager in advance when they must miss. A reason such as religion class, school activity, illness, etc must be given.
  5. To be at the rink by the appointed time as set by the coach.
  6. To be attentive when coaches explain practice drills, game strategies, or pass along other information such as what practice or game sweaters to wear at the next event.
  7. To be properly attired for games and practices. (correct sweaters, uniform socks, etc.)

1. There will be ZERO tolerance of abusive behavior. Harassment, obscene language or gestures, and other behavior deemed to be abusive directed toward coaches, coaches’ representatives, referees, minor officials, opponents, teammates, spectators or association officials will not be tolerated and will have the following consequences:
  • First Offense: The player will be verbally warned.
  • Second Offense: The player will be removed from the game, practice or other team event. In the case of games or practices, the player will be required to leave the premises and will be warned in writing.
  • Third Offense: The player will be removed from the team pending a meeting with FWHSHA Discipline Committee. Penalties will range from a one game suspension to removal from the team.
2. Any player incurring a MATCH penalty for "Attempt to Injure" or other offense deemed equally serious by the coach shall be subject to suspension beyond the USA HOCKEY rules by the FWHSHA Discipline Committee.
3. If past history indicates that a player cannot appropriately represent FWHSH, he will not be allowed to participate in tournaments.
4. Any player misconduct not specifically alluded to above will be dealt with on an individual basis by the FWHSHA Discipline Committee.

Exemplary conduct is expected of all parents.

1. Assure that all registration forms, birth certificates, and payments are complete and submitted as required.
2. Volunteer your time! If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot. Please assist with team functions/responsibilities when requested.
3. Encourage players to take pride in their team!
4. Parents are responsible for their child's behavior regardless of their child's age.

1. There will be ZERO tolerance of abusive behavior. Harassment, obscene language
or gestures, and other behavior deemed to be abusive directed toward coaches, coaches’ representatives, referees, minor officials, opponents, teammates, spectators or association officials will not be tolerated.
2. First Offense: A written warning will be issued by the Commissioner or a member of the Executive Committee and copied to the Board.
3. Second Offense: The parent will be required to appear before the Board. If the Board finds just cause, a two-game suspension will be invoked.
4. Third Offense: Any subsequent offense, or any offense deemed serious enough by the Board, may result in further suspension or expulsion. Any parental misconduct not specifically alluded to above, will be dealt with on an individual basis by the FWHSHA Discipline Committee.

Questions and concerns can be addressed in several ways. General questions should be directed to the coach, manager or Commissioner as described in other sections.
Specific questions regarding coaching technique or procedure can be directed to the Commissioner or Coaches. Questions regarding behavior and discipline may be directed to the Discipline Committee Chairperson and, as always, any question may be directed to a Board member.

Game jerseys are the property of FWHSHA and must be returned clean and in good condition at the end of the season. Failure to do so will result in an assessment. Teams may arrange for
sweatshirts and other off-ice apparel using the words (name of the team). In addition, teams may choose to purchase practice jerseys.

Equipment requirements are set by USA Hockey and are strictly enforced. Helmets MUST be approved for play by USA Hockey. All forwards and defensemen at all levels must wear full facial protection and tethered, colored mouth guards. Goalies at all levels must wear a "cage" and helmet combination or an approved goalie helmet, plus a tethered, colored mouthpiece. Facial protection for all players must be commercially manufactured and approved for competition by USA Hockey.

1. Selected players must be a member of a League Team while rostered on a Pre-Post team during the League Season.
2. Players and parents (or guardians) shall commit to play for the entire Pre-Post season.
3. Players must meet all academic requirements as provided in the FWHSHA bylaws.
All disciplinary matters and any other matters not addressed in these Policies and Procedures shall be referred to the FWHSHA Board of Directors and shall be governed by the FWHSHA Bylaws or as determined by such Board at their discretion and all decisions of the FWHSHA are final.

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