Summit City Panthers By-Laws





Summit City Panthers

















SECTION V                COACHES


























This program will provide players an opportunity to develop their hockey talent, physical, and social skills. The primary objectives are as follows:




Summit City Panthers Hockey is a non-profit organization operating a high school program for the benefit of people in the Summit City Panthers Hockey Club and Snider School System. The purposes of the association are:


            To develop character, sportsmanship, and physical fitness among the youth of high school community;


            To teach and develop, through effective coaching, the principles of hard work, teamwork, a sense of commitment, and a respect for authority;


            To ensure that players at all high school ages and skill levels will have the opportunity to further develop their hockey skills and abilities, and to have fun;


            To conduct a high school program consistent with the rules and regulations of the Ft. Wayne Area High School Hockey Association (FWAHSHA), Indiana State High School Hockey Association (ISHSHA) and USA Hockey;


            To accommodate the number of new and existing players who wish to play hockey in the school system and to continue to seek ways to keep as many players, coaches, parents, and volunteers as possible involved in the program.





Ice hockey is a team sport! The play, training, coaching, and education should be emphasized as such.


Individual player records should be de-emphasized at all levels of high school hockey, while true emphasis should be put on individual hard play, true sportsmanship, individual intensity, and player development.


The development of the individual participant as both a team player and a person are the twin goals of this program. Our job is to educate and teach life lessons to our youth athletes! Players are expected to be teammates at all times whether on the ice, locker, at a hockey facility, or in a hotel when travelling with the team. Disruptive behavior, bullying, taunting, fighting with teammates, illegal use of drugs or alcohol is subject to discipline or expulsion.




The development of both physical and mental skills in regard to ice hockey should be pursued throughout the season through game situations, on ice practice, educational sessions, or dry land training.


Sportsmanship and fair play are to be emphasized at all times.




High School hockey requires a certain level of intensity not required in other non-competitive environments. This level of play should encourage youth to exhibit self-control over the intensity required to meet their ever growing potential. Self-control must be maintained on the ice, in the locker room, in and around any hockey facility or hotel when travelling.




While high school hockey is not guaranteed “equal ice” for all players, through the course of the season, every effort shall be made to give all players an equitable amount of ice time as game situations permit.


Summit City Panthers Hockey will abide by the Fort Wayne Area High School League (FWAHSHA) and the Indiana State High School Hockey Association as it pertains to the State Tournament.


Any player that did not pay the previous year’s team costs cannot play Summit City Panthers Hockey until player is paid in full or the previous team releases the player from the obligation.






An Active Member is (1) one parent, step-parent, guardian, who pays the hockey fees of any registered child (one vote per family) participating in Summit City Panthers Hockey operated by the Association or those programs in conjunction with FWAHSHA.




An Active Member may be expelled, after due notice and an opportunity for a hearing, for conduct deemed to be detrimental to the Association, by the vote of two thirds of the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall provide a minimum of ten (10) days notice to the person subject to expulsion and to the members of the Board prior to the meeting at which the matter is to be discussed and resolved. The person shall be offered an opportunity to be heard at that meeting, and/or to present other members to testify in his or her behalf, prior to any final disposition by the Board.




The Association reserves the right to refuse membership for any person, so long as not in conflict with appropriate prevailing equal rights statutes and regulations. Any such refused membership applicant is entitled, upon his or her request, to a hearing with the Board of Directors as outlined under Expulsion section above.




Each Active Member is entitled to one vote per family by secret ballot in the election of officers in attendance of a meeting of the Association within 30 days of the formation of the team.




Each Active Member is a Board Member and is eligible to hold any office of the Association. Each Active Member may appoint an Alternate Member (parent, step parent, or guardian) to represent them on the Board should they not be able to attend themselves for any meeting.




Upon formation of the team, at least ten (10) days prior to the first initial Board Meeting, written notice shall be handed out after tryouts and/or mailed or emailed to the address of each active member entitled to vote at the meeting. The Active Member present at the meeting shall constitute a quorum.





The Board shall consist of all Active voting members.




The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors shall include:


            To elect officers of the Association from within the Board of Directors;


            To fill vacancies, which may occur in the Executive Committee;


            To manage the business, property, and affairs of the Association;


            To formulate the policies and determine the overall conduct and standards of the hockey program which shall be administered by the officers.


            To establish an annual operating budget and set fees for the hockey program in the absence of having elected a team manager;


            To study for approval proposals to amend or revise the Association’s By-laws, Regulations, and Procedures;


            To review and formally act upon any temporary decision by the President or Executive Committee;


            To hear and rule on appeals.





It is encouraged that regular meetings should be held once every three months at a time and place determined by the President of the Board. The Secretary shall notify all members of the Board of the date, time, and place of each meeting at least five (5) days in advance.




A special meeting of the Board of Directors may be called by the President, or at written request to the President of a least five (5) members of the Board. The Secretary shall notify all members of the Board of the date, time, and place of each meeting at least five (5) days in advance.




At least sixty percent (60%) of the Board Members, including at least two members of the Executive Committee, must be present to constitute a quorum to conduct business at any regular or special meeting of the Board thereafter.




At the first regular or special meeting after formation of the team, the Board of Directors as then constituted shall elect its officers for the present year. No officer may be elected or appointed to serve more than one officer position at any one time with the exception of the Executive Committee and Discipline Committee.




Each Member shall be entitled to one vote on any action taken at any meeting of the Board.




Any Member who is present at any meeting may vote by proxy for any Member who are absent at that meeting. Written evidence of such proxy must be presented to any two officers of the Board and entered into the minutes.




The bank account of the Association shall have no less than two designated assignees on the account with the first two assignees being the Treasurer and Manager.




The accounting and other financial information of the Association shall be conducted on a fiscal year; beginning on the first day of May of each year and ending on the last day of April of each year.




The power to make, alter, amend or repeal these By-Laws is vested in the Board of Directors, which power shall be exercised by affirmative vote of a majority of the Directors; provided, however, that the proposed amendment shall be included in the notice of such meeting. If notice of a proposed amendment to the By-Laws is included in the notice of any meeting of the Board of Directors, it shall not be voted on nor become effective for a period of at least thirty (30) days after the proposed amendment was first introduced.




The Board shall elect the following positions:




            Vice President


            Team Manager


            Coaching Chairperson






            Discipline Chairperson




The order of business for meetings of the Board of Directors shall include:


            Call to order


            Minutes from previous meeting


            President’s Report


            Treasurer’s Report


            Managers Report


            Other Business


            Special Topics – Issues as appropriate







All meetings shall be governed by rules of parliamentary procedure. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern questions of procedure.







The duties of the President shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


            To preside at all regular or special meetings of the membership or Board;


            To call special meetings of the Association or Board;


            To make decisions on questions not provided for in the bylaws or rules until the next regular or special meeting of the Board;


            To represent, or designate suitable representation for, this Association, at other ice hockey meetings;


            To serve as an ex-officio member of all committees;


            To perform any other duties as may be specifically assigned by the Board.




The duties of the Vice-President shall include, but not limited to, the following:


            Exercise all powers of, and perform duties incumbent upon, the President during the absence or disability of the President and


            Exercise and perform such other powers and duties as these By-Laws, the Board, or the President may prescribe.


            Perform any other duties as may be specifically assigned by the Board.





The duties of the Secretary shall include, but not limited to, the following:


            Record the attendance and Minutes of all regular or special meetings of the Board or the membership;


            Notify the membership of the Association of the date, time, and location of any meeting;


            Perform any other duties as may be specifically assigned by the Board.





The duties of the Treasurer shall include, but not limited to, the following:


            Keep correct and complete records of account, showing accurately at all times the financial condition of the Association.


            Act as the legal custodian of all monies, notes, securities and other valuables which may from time to time come into the possession of the Association. All funds of the Association coming into the Treasurer's hands shall be promptly deposited in some reliable bank or other depository to be designated by the Board of Directors, and the Treasurer shall keep such bank account in the name of the Association.


            Furnish at meetings of the Board of Directors, or whenever requested, a statement of the financial condition of the Association.


            Inform parents of the commitment, responsibilities, and cost involved with their respective high school team.


            Prepare team budget and end of year financial statement. A written budget is to be dispersed to all parents of players at the beginning of the season.


            Assist the Team Manager in purchasing all needed equipment such as jerseys, socks, nametags, pins, etc.


            Pay all ice bills, league fees, and tournament fees, ice official fees in a timely manner for the association.


            Perform such other duties as may be required by these By-Laws or any other duties as may be specifically assigned by the Board or the President.





The duties of the Team Manager shall include, but not limited to, the following:


            Oversee and manage all matters other than coaching of a high school team.


            The Team Manager will field questions for the Parents in cooperation with the Coaching Chairperson.


            Form a committee and recruit team members in assisting the Team Manager in                                fulfilling his/her duties.


            Schedule practices, games, and tournaments for the season. All games are to be with other USA Hockey sanctioned teams only.


Inform parents that it is their responsibility to have their child behave in a disciplined manner and their child’s actions are the ultimate responsibility of the parents.


            Make arrangements for hotel accommodations, secure maps for traveling out of town and provide maps for visiting teams.


            Secure all FWAHSHA and USA Hockey player registration forms, birth certificates, and parental agreement forms. These documents should be carried by team managers at all events, activities, travels, and business concerning the team .


            Be responsible for purchasing all needed equipment such as jerseys, socks, nametags, pins, etc. in cooperation with the Treasurer. For conflicting color schemes the high school director shall approve colors for jerseys.


            Secure minor and major officials for all home crossover games (i.e. referee, scorekeeper, time keeper, announcer, and penalty box officials).


            Be responsible for all team equipment.


            Remain in this capacity throughout a full year and help the next year’s team formation. Duties will expire after the following team’s formation.





The duties of the Coaching Chairperson shall include, but not be limited to the following:


            Oversee and supervise, through the Chairing and designation of members of the Coaching Committee, the selection, training, monitoring, and evaluation of all coaches in the Summit City Panthers program.


            Form a coaching committee of at least three (3) members (but must remain an odd number) to assist the Coaching Chairperson perform his/her duties. One member may come from outside the Association to assist the committee. It is recommended that this person be an impartial party and one with a seasoned background in hockey with particular emphasis in coaching and or management of coaches.


            Establish criteria of the type, style, and expectations of a Head Coach for the Association. Take into account the past criteria, successes, failures, and wishes of the Association. The Committee will interview prospective coaches to evaluate the qualities of the candidate with the intention of determining whether the candidate is a fit for the Summit City Panthers program. After a thorough search the “best” candidate will be presented to the Board.


            Remain in this capacity throughout a full year and help the next year’s team formation. Duties will expire after the following team’s formation.


            The Coaching Chairperson will field questions for the Parents in cooperation with the Team Manager.


            Perform any other duties as may be specifically assigned by the Board.





The duties of the Discipline Chairperson shall include, but not be limited to the following:


Chair meetings of the Discipline Committee to consider the facts and circumstances pertaining to possible conduct violations by SCHC player(s), and to determine appropriate action.


Arrange and conduct meetings as necessary between the Committee and pertinent player(s), parents, or coaches relevant to the proceedings .


Ensure fairness & consistency in all Committee proceedings.


Refer to Section XII for details pertaining to the formation and additional duties of the Disciplinary Committee.





            There shall be an Executive Committee of three (3) or more Directors to serve the Association at such times as the Board may determine. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President and Team Manager, and any additional members as the Board of Directors shall designate (as long as there is always an odd number of members). Except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws, the Executive Committee may exercise the authority of the Board of Directors in the management of the Association.


            A quorum of the Executive Committee at any committee meeting shall be a majority of the Directors comprising the Executive Committee; provided however, there shall never be less than two (2) Directors present. The act of a majority of the Executive Committee when a quorum is present at any meeting is deemed the act of the Executive Committee, subject to Board approval.


            The Executive Committee shall keep full records and accounts of its proceedings and transactions. All actions taken by the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Board at its next meeting following the action and is subject to approval, revision, and alterations by the Board. However, no rights of third persons may be prejudicially affected by the Board’s subsequent review of the Executive Committee’s actions. Vacancies in the Executive Committee shall be filled by the Board, and the Board may appoint one (1) or more directors as alternate members of the Executive Committee who may take the place of any absent members at any meeting.







All coaches shall be selected by the Summit City Panthers Hockey Association Coaching Committee. This applies to all candidates at the start of each year, either new or existing. All coaches must be certified by USA Hockey regulations for high school level, or achieve this level through the current hockey season. Head coaches shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. The Board of Directors will affirm the recommendation of the committee unless it shall have good cause not to do so. Such causes shall be stated on the record of the deliberation. If a candidate is not approved then the process will start over to acquire a new candidate.


The head coach of the team shall choose their assistant coaches. Assistant coaches will be at least eighteen (18) years old and must have the appropriate coaching certification or attain it during the year. A head coach may not select an assistant coach(s) for the intention of having that parent’s child as a player on his team. The Board of Directors will affirm the recommendation of the head coach unless it shall have good cause not to do so. Such causes shall be stated on the record of the deliberation. If the candidate(s) is not approved then the process will start over to acquire a new candidate.


The head coach and all assistant coaches shall be submitted to and approved by the FWAHSHA Board of Directors, and each coach shall have the requisite USA Hockey coaching level certificate. All head coaches shall have received their level 4 USA Hockey certificate prior to the start of the regular season play, or are scheduled to attend the level 4 seminar prior to December 31 of the current year. All assistant coaches shall have received at least their level 3 USA hockey certificate prior to the start of the regular season play, or shall be enrolled in a level 3 seminar to be completed prior to December 31 of the current year; or shall have a current coach’s certification and have completed the coach’s module for midgets, and be working towards the level 3 certification. If a proposed assistant coach has a level 1 or level 2 certification and has completed the midget coach’s module for the current season, he or she shall still be eligible to be an assistant coach if he or she continues to work towards a level 3 certification each year.


The Head Coach shall be responsible for selecting the team, team play, playing time, team rules, individual discipline, and the expulsion of a player with the approval of the Team Manager and Discipline Chairperson.


Coach or coaches may be monetarily compensated if approved by the Board of Directors.


The Head Coach must adhere to the following rules:


            The coaching staff shall promote the earlier stated objectives and purposes of Summit City Panthers Hockey as well as the purpose of the FWAHSHA constitution;


            The head coach shall be expected to remain in control of both their staff and team members in the playing area. If necessary, appropriate disciplinary action of team members will be at the coach’s discretion. The Board of Directors will handle serious infractions;

            The Head Coach will follow the Coaching Code of Conduct as spelled out by USA Hockey;


            The Head Coach will provide written Team Rules for the players along with goals and objectives for the season within fifteen (15) days of being appointed to their position or formation of the team, whichever comes first.


            All coaches must attempt to be fair, consistent and use good judgment in handling and enforcing rules along with following through on disciplinarian action.


            Practices need to take into consideration good time management, planning, discipline, skill development, team strategies, follow good coaching methodology, and team involvement.


            Assistants must support and follow the expectations and rules imposed on the Head Coach.  




The dismissal of a head coach requires the following steps:


            Any four (4) Active Members can request that the Team Manager call a meeting for the purpose of removing a Head Coach. The Team Manager must inform the President of the Board and the Coaching Chairperson. The President must honor this request and as quickly as possible arrange a meeting of the Board.


            The members requesting the meeting must present their reason(s) for replacing the Head Coach in writing to the Board. After the presentation, ample time must be allowed for discussion.


            A vote will be taken (60% Quorum) by ballot with a simple majority rule and results announced.  


            The same four (4) Active Members may not request this again for the balance of the season. These members have only one opportunity to make such a request.





Team Formation must follow and abide by the FWAHSHA rules under:


            Section II – Team and Player Regulations and Team Assignment Rules


            Section III – Playing Rules


            Policy & Procedures





The team shall follow the USA Hockey constitution, bylaws, rules, and regulations, in regard to equipment and playing rules. All teams shall have a full set of home and away jerseys. All equipment will be H.E.C.C. approved.





            The Summit City Panthers Hockey team shall be self-supporting.


            No later than 30 days after the formation of the team, the manager and treasurer shall make their best efforts at determining team fees and a working budget shall be formulated and distributed to each Parent by mail or email.   The budget and actual expenditures will be accounted for and communicated to all Parents on a periodic basis throughout the season. Adjustments may be necessary throughout the course of the season.


            A schedule of payment for fees will be submitted in writing by mail, email or distributed at a game or meeting to all participants. Payment of fees should be made to the Treasurer by the specified dates. Fees will be determined delinquent after a 7 day grace period from each specified payment date.


            Within a reasonable time after the last tryout session (usually about one hour) a list will be posted by the coach of all players selected to the team. Players will be asked to sign the roster for the new season and a deposit will be due and payable within 7 days from that date by each parent for their respective child(s) participation along with a letter of intent as stated below (E). The deposit will be determined in advance by the Executive Committee and payable to the Treasurer. Once the Roster has been signed and the letter of intent has been executed and submitted to the Manager then the Member is obligated to all annual fees that are to be distributed equally among the members regardless of whether the member later leaves the team for any reason.


            In addition to the player signing the roster, each Parent will be required to sign a promissory note to pay their equal obligations for the full season team fees.


            Should a player become ineligible to play because of injury, grades, disciplinary actions, or expulsion, or any other reason unpaid fees are still the responsibility of the member and are to be paid on the same basis as if the player was still actively playing or a member of the team.


            Delinquent fees automatically disqualify any player from further play/participation (games, practices, and team functions). The Treasurer will notify the Member, the President, and Team Manager that the Member is delinquent. The Team Manager will notify the Head Coach of the player’s ineligibility and immediate suspension.


            The SCPHA board of directors has the authority to take appropriate collection action when fees are delinquent.





The team may conduct fund raising activities.


Summit City Panthers may conduct fund raising activities. The extent that any player wants to be involved in any fund raising activities will be up to that payer and his family. Generally, fund raising will be divided into two categories:


            Individual fundraising – (candy bars, cookie dough, etc.) All money raised after paying for product and expenses will be credited to that player’s individual account.


            Team fund raising – (garage sale, care wash, etc.) All money raised in this category shall be divided equally among the players that participate in the fund raising event. If a player chooses not to participate, then they will not get a share of the money raised.


If a player raises more money than his entire bill, there are several options:


            If the player is not a senior, the extra funds may be held toward the players next year’s bill or divided equally among all current year team players. The decision is up to the player’s parents.


            If the player is a senior and there is no younger sibling, the extra funds will be divided equally among all current year players.


            If the player is a senior and there is a younger sibling, the extra funds may be held for one year and used towards the younger sibling’s bill. If the younger sibling does not play hockey or does not make the team, the extra funds will be divided equally among the current year’s players.





            A donation by any sponsor is no reason for that sponsor to have a voice in operations of any or all activities of the team. The family obtaining the sponsorship can choose to have the full amount credited to their bill or share it with the rest of the team.


            No donations are to be accepted from sponsors that are tobacco or alcohol related.





            There shall be a 48-hour waiting period prior to approaching the Team Manager with a grievance.


            Grievances shall be submitted in writing to the Team Manager who will discuss the grievance with the Executive Board. A written reply shall be made within 10 days of receipt of the grievance.


            All Coaching Complaints shall be submitted in writing to the Team Manager and Coaching Chairperson. A resolution will be sought to everyone’s satisfaction. The Team Manager and Coaching Chairperson will decide if a meeting is necessary with the Coach. If no resolution is found then the complaint will be presented to the Executive Committee.


            Grievances or Coaching Complaints not resolved by the Manager and/or Coaching Chairperson or Executive Committee should be put in writing and submitted to the SCPHA Board no later than one week prior to the next scheduled board of directors meeting. If no meeting is scheduled then a review meeting will be set up in a timely manner by the President of the Board and communicated to all members.





It is intended that high school team players and coaches be held to a high standard of conduct. The high school team coaches and players represent SCPHA, FWAHSHA and the community.


The Disciplinary Committee shall be a standing committee comprised of the Association’s Vice President (or his designee), Team Manager, the Discipline Chairperson (or his designee), and up to two (2) other individuals appointed by the Association’s President.


The Discipline Committee shall support and uphold the FWAHSHA League Discipline Committee rules and decisions. The Summit City Panthers Discipline Committee has the right to impose additional discipline to any Member of the Summit City Panthers Hockey Association or Player or Coach.





Conduct and dress codes are an important part of high school hockey. Team conduct and appearance are a direct reflection upon themselves, SCPHA, FWAHSHA, and the Fort Wayne community.


                        The Team Manager and Head Coach will establish a conduct code. This conduct code will include appropriate behavior expectations for on and off the ice. A curfew should be in effect while participating in an overnight series.


                        The Team Manager and Coach should establish a dress code.


                        The responsibilities of maintaining these conduct and dress codes begin with the coaching staff, but ultimately become the responsibility of the team member’s parent or guardian.


                        FWAHSHA reserves the right to terminate and/or suspend any team, player, coach, parent or person whose conduct adversely contradicts the intent of these regulations and procedures.


                        All coaches, players, and parent volunteers, will follow the SafeSport Guidelines established by USA Hockey, and FWAHSHA. A signed acknowledgment of this obligation will be retained by the team Manager in team records.





All games will be played under current FWAHSHA, ISHSHA, USA Hockey rules except as amended by league rules.