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 Senior Cody Nice

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 Senior Kevin Baum   

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Senior Dylan Tegtmeyer

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Homestead High School Hockey Association (HSHSHA) is proud to fly the Homestead Spartans banner representing Homestead High School. We have been a member of Ft. Wayne High School Hockey for over 20 years. We are very fortunate to have a large pool of players to draw from, therefore the team is made up of Homestead Students. In the last 15 years Homestead has won several City Championships and competed in the State Tournament every year.


Jeff VanGessel returns as Head coach. Jeff served as head coach for 5 seasons from 2009 till 2014 and has won several city championships while leading the Spartans. Returning with Jeff is Jon Conz as offensive coach. Also joining The coaching staff this year will be another experienced high school coach Dave Reed as Defensive coach, Sean Asiala as Goalie coach, and Mitch Maisonneiuve as our Dry land coach.


Homestead High School Hockey Association is a non-profit organization operating a high school program for the benefit of people in the area high school system. We carry the white, blue, and gold colors of the Spartans. We play out of the Parkview / Sport one Ice House in Ft. Wayne. Join us every Wednesday night to see us in action. We are shooting for our fourth City Championship this year.


2016-2017 Game Pictures

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 Homestead Hockey would like to congratulate Hunter Norris

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June 2016 - Homestead continues to develop goalies into Junior A quality players. Although we are sad to see them leave thier senior year, we are very proud of our past goalies and players who have worn a Spartan jersey and have taken the next step in their hockey careers.


This year we would like to congratulate Hunter Norris on being signed by the Junior A Niagara Redcats. Hunter last year was a Junior at Homestead High School and has worn a Spartan jersey the last 3 seasons. We would like to wish him well with his new team in the 2016-17 season. 









2016-17 Summer skates


cost will be $15 per player


June- 13,27  @  7pm - 8pm

July 18 @ 7 pm - 8 pm

August 15 @ 7pm - 8 pm


2016-17 Tryouts

June 20 @  7 pm -8pm


All alumni, current players, and players looking to tryout with Homestead for the 2016-17 season are welcome to come out and have some fun







For information you may contact Jeff Arnold      - 2016-17 Manager -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.